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Welcome the the X Neural Project homepage.
X Neural Project (xneur) is a text analyser, it's can detects a language of the written words and correct it if needs.
XNeur doesn't use a dictionary generally, uses a ``ProtoLang'' thing that contnain a simple "language prototype" that generated from texts, dictionary ot from human input (in future plans).
In the begging project was developed for two languages (english and russian) - generally it was centered on the wrong layout writing, but now it is more than it was in the first time, now we works on the multilanguages support and grammatical errors corrections on-the-fly at the X Windowing system (X11R6).

Saturday, 01 july 2006:
Old branch updated, we are release out bugfix release of the xneur old branch
Now we have works on the new branch, and old branch will not be in developing, in future just bugfixing will be appear.
Thanks, XNeur developers team.
Monday, 29 april 2006:
Some updates occured, we're started works on the web part of the projects, and old 0.0.3 version of the project also avialable.
For questions please write to akaanoken at gmail dot com.